Pets are our friends. it is a member of the family. My mother has two pet dogs, she takes good care of them everyday: feed them, wash them, talk to them and hug them. In winter, she makes trendy clothes for them. When they are ill, she takes them to the vets and help them to take medicine as if they were babies.It seems her pet dogs understand everything she did, whenever they see her, they lip her feet and give her the warmest welcome in the world, what a touching picture!

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With the improvement of medern people's life,more and more people start to pay attention to other fields except there daily necessity.Therefore,many people begin to keep pets.However,advantages and disadvantages happen to them.Of course,keeping pets has a lot advantages especially for the old.With the pets keeping company,old people won't feel lonely any more.Besides,to some young people,keeping pets can practising their ability in making friends.However,some people are against the idea to keep pets.First of all,most of the pets won't pay attention to hygiene,they always stay anywhere with night soil and urine which is dirty and hard to clean up.Besides,pets more bring some disease home.Therefore,some measures should be taken to stop these disadvantages.We can teach the pets soem basic manners and take them to the hospital for some examinations,in case of the disease.

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I have always had a dream, that is ... You must say, "You want to be a scientist?" "No." "You want to be a mayor?" "No." "You want to be a teacher?" " Neither. "Actually, I want to be the owner of a farm.On my farm, I have a "modern milkhouse," where milk farms contain a large herd of cattle and sheep. I can carry my milk and goats all over the world. I named my milk "Tianle Milk." Can imagine, my milk will make me have a huge fortune. I want to build a "Hope Primary School" to bring those homeless out-of-school children to my school to learn and live here and make them happy and happy!

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I play with the animals on the farm .

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今天,天空晴朗,阳光明媚。同学们的心情别提多高兴了,因为我们盼望已久的秋游终于来了。这次秋游的目的地是XXX。上午大约8点,同学们在老师的带领下排着浩浩荡荡的队伍从学校出发前往目的地。个个开心极了。我们在老师的带领去爬山,个个力气十足,迫不及待地往山顶爬。爬了一阵儿,我已累得上气不接下气,太累了,想休息,不想爬了。这时我想到龟兔赛跑的故事,我不能半途而废。。我内心想起了这句话:坚持就是胜利! 我就休息了一会儿,继续爬。到了隔山顶只几步之遥的地方了,我缓缓地挪动着我的脚步,枝头的小鸟叽叽喳喳地仿佛在说: 坚持!加油啊! 。我抬起沉重的双腿迈开最后几步,终于爬上了山顶,虽然我累得浑身酸痛不能动弹,但心里却充满了成功的喜悦。最后我们恋恋不舍地离开了这个地方。通过这次的爬山让我受益匪浅,无论什么事情,只要坚持,付出努力,就能成功!更重要的是我想到了我们的学习不也是在 登山 吗?古人说: 书山有路勤为径,学海无涯苦作舟 。不错,只有付出艰辛得努力,刻苦攀登知识的高峰,才能感受到知识的浩瀚无边,才能站在知识的顶峰上高瞻远瞩,领略无穷的快乐,这难道不是我秋游登山最大的收获吗?作文二:秋游星期三,就接到了学校的通知:星期五要秋游,地点是九峰山森林公园。我可高兴了,兴奋地期待着!星期五这天总算到了!我们坐上了去九峰山的专车。在车上我们可高兴了,又说又笑的、有的还唱起了歌。车子飞快地跑着,路过东湖风景区的时候,透过车窗,我看到了东湖美丽的景色。暖暖的太阳照在静静的湖面上,整个湖面就像一面清澈透明的大镜子。车子快到九峰山的时候,老远就看见了九座尖尖的山峰。一座连着一座,碧绿碧绿的漂亮极了。到了森林公园那就更好玩了!我们沿着弯弯曲曲的山路慢慢地向前走着,一路上,我们首先看到了笨笨的大黑熊,它还向我们招手呢!像是在说: 小朋友,欢迎你们!秋游作文450字5篇秋游作文450字5篇还看到浑身长满了刺的豪猪,豪猪一看到我们就飞快地躲了起来,像是害羞似的。还看到了几只 沙漠之舟 骆驼、几只凶猛的大老虎、最后还观看了一场精彩的动物表演。下午,我们迎着清爽的秋风走出了森林公园,坐上了回程的汽车。

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people to struggle and

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Keeping Pets Some people believe that keeping pets is a good thing to do. They believe that pets, like cats and dogs, can help reduce the loneliness in their daily life .They also argue that keeping pets helps mankind understand animals' world and develop positive feelings toward them. Others, however, hold the opposite view. They think keeping pets as a useless but harmful thing to do. First, pets can transmit diseases. Secondly, the noises of pets are sources of pollution. Last but not least, as many rare birds and animals are kept as pets, they will surely be hunted on a large scale, which means a threat to the balance of the ecosystem. Weighing the arguments of both sides, I am inclined to agree with the latter. Anyway, we can lessen our loneliness and express our love toward animals in other ways. And it is my belief that only by placing man and other species on an equal basis can we expect to have a lively and colorful world

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